Transition to Passion

Education, Inspiration and Coaching for discovering your purpose and creating a life you are excited about

Transition to Passion is a site for people who are looking to find their purpose and create a life they are excited about.  We offer coaching, personal development products, and a community of like-minded individuals. 

Within several months, You will know what your purpose is, be making progress everyday, and wake up excited about your life.

By the end of 12 months you will be making massive progress on your life goals.   

After reading a personal development book or attending a seminar, most people just go right back to doing what they were doing before.  I spent years and years reading personal development books, going through programs put out by Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Jim Rohn, Bob Proctor (all of which were awesome) etc.  But 10 years later I was pretty much in the same place that I started.  Yeah, I had a better attitude and a better understanding of how my mind worked, but was far from living my ideal life. 


I created this company to fill in what missing from my life that could have helped me create the life I wanted a lot sooner.

  What we offer to our clients that helps them actually create A life they love:

  • A COACH OR MENTOR: Most "successful" people  have had coaches and mentors that have provided feedback and motivation.  A good coach or mentor will help you see things about yourself that you have overlooked.  They help you live from your higher self. 

  • A COMPREHENSIVE PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM: Its confusing when you read one thing in one book and then something completely different in other book.  We offer a lifetime personal development program that has new material added every month.   We have had over 100,000 people go through our courses.  No program is going to have all the answers you need.  But by following a daily, monthly, and yearly system, you automatically create the results you are looking for. 

  • A COMMUNITY OF LIKE MINDED PEOPLE:  You cannot create what you want by YOURSELF!! We connect you with like-minded people in a variety of ways: In person/ virtual Mastermind groups, facebook groups, blogs, conference calls and live/ recorded seminars all around the world. 

  • INSPIRATION AND MOTIVATION: Our website offers tons of inspiration; links to youtube videos, quotes and picture quotes, A book on finding your purpose, links to motivational posts, and lots more.     


...The harsh reality is, just reading a book or attending a conference is not enough to help you create the life you want.

I have been a Coach and have been helping people design and create a life they excited about since 2001.  I have worked with over 1000 people from all kinds of backgrounds.  I will believe in you even when you don’t believe in yourself! By partnering with a Media company that has produced Personal Development products for almost 20 years, I can offer world class products.

Its time to find your purpose and create a LIFE YOU ARE EXCITED ABOUT!